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May 31, 2013
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MnG: Hoi, Tung-Lin by LinYan MnG: Hoi, Tung-Lin by LinYan

This beautiful group //strokes

I wasn't going to join but then :iconcat-the-lion: told me she was joining so -- I worked my butt off to finish this in time~ hope you're happy, Cat :U

I can't even swim so excuse my noobiness; Google is my friend (so are my daddy's stories about getting thrown into the sea to learn how to swim ahaha...)

Bwahaha sorry for the lame pun with his name “orz

★Name: Hoi, Tung-Lin {許桐林}

- Tung
- Hoi Tyun (海豚 → dolphin)
- Sharkie (actually, he's the only one that calls himself that...everyone that gets to know him thinks he's more of a dolphin e w e)

★Age: 17
★Height: 5'0" (152.4 cm)
★Weight: 110 lbs (45.4 kg)
★Year: Sophomore
★Level : Intermediate
★Main Stroke: Butterfly Stroke (cause it uses a DOLPHIN kick //srapped)

- fishies, especially sharks
- faux-hawk → thinks he looks like a shark but he also looks like a dolphin
- swimming
- his dog tag
- researching topics that interest him
- learning about other languages & cultures
- playing pranks
- water gun/water balloon/food fights
- festivals & parties
- seafood → needs some sort of seafood in his dinner or he'll sulk & refuse to eat
- hair products
- his grandparents & little sister


- being called a dolphin; people who know about his old nickname (Hoi Tyun)
- people mentioning his height
- soccer
- people who treat him like a kid/pet
- being helpless
- taking orders
- stingy people who won't share their food
- movies/shows that don't have a happy ending


Energetic | Daring | Hardworking | Short-tempered | Obedient | Caring | Patient | Loyal | Crybaby

Tung-Lin's little but he is full of energy and willing to take on the challenges thrown at him even when he's scared – usually putting on a tough guy facade. He can become hot-headed and defensive easily, especially when it comes to his height and hair. That being said, it's also easy to manipulate him into doing things you want him to do, but Tung-Lin has always been an obedient boy that will usually listen to his elders. Even when he's against the request/instructions and even though he will complain the whole time, he will get the job done. He tends to hold grudges for random little things – such as against those that take or knock over his food.

Once you become his friend though, you will find that he's caring and patient in his own way. For example, Tung-Lin will stay at the meeting place even when you're an hour late, constantly texting angry messages to you so he knows what you're up to and that you're not lying dead in some ditch.

Despite how much he tries to put on a touch guy act, he gets teared up easily over chick flicks, dramas, inspirational/touching speeches, horror movies, etc. etc. He refuses to show this embarrassing side of him (cause he thinks he's manry //laffs), and does his best to hold in the waterworks or go somewhere no one can see him.


Tung-Lin's father and mother did not have a fairytale romance – in fact, they only met because their families were worried they would stay single forever and so, decided to arrange a meeting between the two busy-bees. Both his father and mother were too focused on their education and career to even bother dating apart from the occasional double dates as a wingman or a mixer held by friends. After meeting and finding that they both shared a similar mindset, the two got married at age 32.

Tung-Lin was born on January 11th.and raised in Guangzhou, China. The Hoi's are a well-off family. His parents worked in the computer software industry and were constantly on their laptops or answering business calls. With his parents always busy, Tung-Lin was mainly raised by his grandparents, who doted him and were glad to finally have a grandchild.

Growing up, Tung-Lin never had a close relationship with his parents but often heard stories from his grandparents. What surprised him the most was that his father used to be in a band when he was younger but he gave up on that dream after thinking about his future from a more realistic perspective and decided to focus his energy on the National University Entrance Examinations. Through these stories, Tung-Lin discovered his father had named him after the Tung tree, the oil of which was used to finish off his father’s first guitar. Tung-Lin couldn’t help but feel a bit closer to his father, despite their short conversations.

The small boy received his first swimming lesson from his loving grandfather, who tied a rope around his waist and threw him into a lake despite the boy's protests. Tung-Lin returned home bawling his eyes out that evening to his grandmother. After that, his grandfather continued to take little Tung-Lin to the lake, telling the boy that since they lived so close at sea, swimming was an essential survival skill he needed to learn. Tung-Lin, being the obedient boy he was, reluctantly followed and eventually came to love the feeling of swimming in the cool waters of the lake.

Tung-Lin was usually one of the shortest boys in his class. Not that he minded since the girls would always compliment him, calling him `cute` and `adorable.`But he came to the realization that none of the girls would actually fall in love with him and his other classmates usually never took him seriously – he was the adorable little brother whose hair you would ruffle and whose ideas you would laugh off.

During the summer vacation before his last year in middle school, Tung-Lin decided to give himself a make-over. He got a new hairstyle – choosing to get a faux-hawk, which he hoped would stop the girls from petting him since it’s no longer the soft, fluffy hair it used to be. Plus, it reminded him of the fin of a shark...and sharks are tough, right? He also began skipping classes, choosing to run off with a few friends to the lake for a dip, as well as pulling pranks on others. The school offered limited sports programs and the ones that were in place took on a intramural style rather than the competitive style Tung-Lin seeked.

Once news got out about his school attendance, Tung-Lin and his parents began to argue more and their relationship became strained. Tung-Lin avoided returning home as much as possible, opting to stay over at his friend’s house or by the lake.

In May of his last middle school year, his parents attended the Canton Fair, a large trade fair organized by the China Foreign Trade Centre, to demonstrate their latest products of their company. The two were offered an opportunity to work with a well-established company in Japan, and after much thought, the Hoi family moved to Japan.

Tung-Lin was against the move at first, but a friend told him about Mizu no Gakuen and after doing some more research on the school, he couldn’t wait to move to Japan – a school away from his parents that focused on swimming was waiting for him there after all. He managed to convince his parents to let him attend the school, on the condition that he kept his grades up and maintained a good class attendance. Tung-Lin bid farewell to his friends in China with a smile, but cried on the plane ride (he chose to sit away from his family on the plane).

In his first year at Mizu no Gakuen, Tung-Lin worked hard and spent most of his free time at the pool. He was ecstatic to be able to attend the school but he discovered how far behind he was from everyone else – he had always swam for fun and never really had any competition back in Guangzhou. This only helped motivate the boy to work harder. Tung-Lin managed to get a good handle on the butterfly stroke in his first year, and hopes to learn more about the other different styles of swimming in the years to come.

★Additional Info:

- speaks Cantonese & Mandarin
- speaks enough Japanese to carry on a conversation after staying in Japan for over a year & self-teaching but may occasionally come upon words/phrases he needs help with
- interested in other languages & cultures → some countries he has looked into include Korea, Canada, United States, Spain & France
- wears a dog tag with the word SHARKIE engraved on it under his school uniform
- always puts on a pre-swim gel into his hair to protect it from chlorine damage
- on the search for that perfect hair gel that can hold up his hair while he swims but easy to take out after (so he can live his dream as a dolphin shark //kicked) → faux-hawk is usually gone by the time he gets out of the pool
- one of his senpais told him to learn the butterfly stroke -- then he realized that one of the moves used is called 'dolphin kick' and needless to say, Tung-Lin has a big grudge against that senpai
- has a sister who is 4 years younger → she's seen him tear up over a chick flick they watched together so she already knows her brother is a sensitive mush ball ... e w e
- has piercings on both ears and has a 510 tattoo just below the waistline to the left, usually hidden under clothes (digits can be read as "I want you" in Mandarin ;3) → cried like the little wuss he is when he got them :icongtthplz:
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